Wwoof 4: Haute Goat

We were offered the opportunity to sleep in after our ordeal and late arrival, but Snakes and I were keen to get into something after a few too many days floating. Debbie is an ex-pat from the city, who decided that when her husband Shaine retired, she could finally get what she’d always wanted. Goats. […]

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Wwoof 3: Scales

Bar the renching heart ache of leaving the decidedly overfed and underloved ‘Rachel’, the cat, departing from the ‘holiday’ that was the disappointingly un-busy Trout Lake was unemotional. We made it across the lake on the ferry and over to Revelstoke in good time (3.5 hours early for our bus). The town of Revelstoke is […]

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Wwoof 2: Trout Lake

After a delightful tour of the cabin and our surroundings, we were left to settle in our room in the basement.The additional room next to ours, contained Benedict and Charlène, two French gals.Upstairs, in the main cabin, was a our communal bathroom, kitchen and the second lounge area. John and Janine slept above this on […]

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We left Bear Valley after the morning feed. Ringo, the dog was half in the car, with his paws on my lap as Mike pulled him away so we could depart. Bye Grover! Kathy drove us to the airport in Calgary, where we could pick up a car. She would then head to pick up […]

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WWOOF 1: Bear Valley Rescue

On day 1, and, every other day  we were up and outside by the most respectable hour of 9am. We began by feeding the animals right away. The horse ‘farrier’ which I learned means: toenail clipper, Pat, was to be giving the horses pedicures over the next 3 days. He was French and spoke extremely […]

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Post CDT

September 26th: The finish line At the border, while Maps drowned herself in champagne and we all stuffed ourselves with our remaining food, (which we knew would disgust us by the time we made it to Waterton) a day hiker named Eric arrived. Eric was on a few days break from work, hiking in and […]

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Cast of the CDT

It’s uncertain how many people attempt the CDT each year. Somewhere roughly between 312 and 532. No one really keeps tabs, no one really cares. What’s also uncertain is: of the amount of people who begin the trail, how many finish. It’s common to find experienced hikers on the CDT, hikers that have at least […]

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